Absurd Rabbit’s Learning Journal

Coming from a hispanic background is very challenging having little to no resources. However, being able to be part of programs such as these helps me reach my goals and dreams. In the near future, I will like to use my degree so that I can help my community so others won’t go through the same experiences as I have.

Here I will share my daily experience at SAS with you.


Today at my Summer App Space program I had been challenged on my knowledge in Python Programming. I have been faced with real life problems and today I learned how Python programming helps analyze information. In example, in one of our notebook problems we were assigned to create a loop to know the number of images the satellite would produce in a 6-month course in a year. Knowing the number of images for every year in a 30 year period is not necessary. However, one of those years might be important for research, the loop will help scientists call on the loop and know the number of images in that exact year without doing the math for each year in the 30 year long period.My goal for my next day at Summer Space app is create the loop that will help scientist analyze this information. This has been one of the most challenging problems I have yet faced but I am confident and eager to solve it.


I feel very proud of myself for figuring out how to create a loop that will be able to change any speed of light in example, to kilometers. This is essential when analyzing space information because it helps me understand how fast something is going in terms i already understand such as kilometers. My goal is to be able to figure out the notebook problems I currently am stuck in. I plan to gain all the knowledge so I am able to find the solution. Even though it’s time to go home I don’t want to go home because i really would like to know the answer!!! lol


I feel very accomplished because thanks to the capstone problems I finally am in a position where I feel comfortable to do for loops in the future. My goal is to finish the capstone problems and be able to continue to do the notebook problems for chapter 2 , where I can challenge myself more.


I feel very annoyed on not being able to solve the problem I have been working on, however this shows me I need to rethink the problem, and try a different outcome. This experience helps me become more patient and be able to debug. My goal is to be able to solve these problems and be able to become a much better programmer. I will focus more and ask questions when I need help.


Today I feel very happy to have understand how to use classes. I have struggled with being able to read the code and understanding what each does, and when do you need to call it. However having the documentation being displayed helps a lot but I need to practice a more efficient python coding style so that I won’t have that much trouble. My goal for the next day is to keep on asking questions when I’m lost, and being able to learn what is the actual “problem” we are trying to solve. I need to not jump into conclusion of what the problem is asking me to do, and actually take the time to analyze.


I feel very happy to be not be confused anymore on initiating classes. I was first confused on when was the need to call it and why. However, through the life coding and various examples, I have a pretty good idea now of what it does! My goal is to keep trying to do all the notebook problems, be more comfortable to ask my teammates for help especially since today we had new partners, I was able to ask the person sitting next to me for help and since she was advanced in the notebook problems she was able to explain more efficient.


I feel very challenged as I am reviewing my notebook problems, and asking for help for the ones I did not understand. Because I was able to break down the question and actually understand what they are asking me to do, I feel very secure and confident on my new acquired skills. I realize I need more practice, become more aware of my syntax problems, and spelling but I feel confident of today’s progress. I want to keep working and challenging myself. I want to be able to not freak out when I see bunch of data that is being part of the question and calm myself down so I can actually understand the problem actually being asked. Half the time you don’t have to understand what each code means only what you want it to do.


I feel very confused with the bash data because of the cloning and downloading . The steps are pretty simple following the notebook exercise but understanding why, and the directory in a directory got me pretty confused. I understand the mkdir makes a directory and / makes a directory in it but doing it again with another / says it cannot be accepted. To try all the exercises and notebook problems, keep on practicing so that I am more experienced, and ask questions when I’m confused.


I feel a little bit confused using the bash but I have been able to get answers to why my program is not running, and I have a better understanding. I think I need to practice more on what each does, in example assert I need to practice more. My goal is to try and complete most of the notebook problems. Since next week we are starting our projects I plan to be as most helpful as I can be with my teammates.


I feel very challenged today. I was more confused on understanding the data but having clear discussions helped me. I also feel like there is so much stuff to be done and now I am driven to better myself as a python programmer and team leader/group member because of today. I want everyone involved in the project. I want our ideas to be shared clearly and understand why it matters. I want to have a clear direction in our project and be able to challenge our team to do things out of our comforter zone. I want to be able to have all my questions answered when I consult with my mentor.


I feel very lost and confused. I know my team is trying to correctly plot an asteroid however, I don’t don’t understand the “A” part of it. My goal for tomorrow is to have team involvement and understand what we are trying to solve.


I feel more accomplished and a sense of direction, My goal is to plot all the asteroids by the end of the day.


I feel very accomplished that I was able to come and help my teammates. I feel up to date on what our product is and our goals. My goal is to get everything prepared and practice presenting our stimulation.


I feel like I need to learn my basics of Python especially running from bash console. I need to practice more on what each command does and learn how to solve my error problems. I need to be able to search online efficiently by asking the specific questions. I need to understand what actually my problem is and see what are the options to solve them. My goal is to try to create a “video” out of our animated image we created. To update my git repository and help my teammates on understanding and add more “cool features” to our stimulation.


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