Digital Rabbit’s Learning Journal

I have learned a lot about computers in my own time, tinkering, learning to code, installing Gentoo, writing software, and many other tasks which I find interesting. I also really like learning more about computer-related things, and still am! I hope to create an open source hardware company some day, to go with all of the already great and existing free software! I really like that

Here I will share some of my daily experience at SAS with you.


It was great! I made much progress, and made a pretty decent cloud cover and good image sorting algorithm for some locations!


It was pretty good! I learned many principles about object-oriented programming, which I have been wanting to do for a while, and finished the entire lesson with nothing more to add! Pretty productive, in my opinion.


It was another good day, but especially good today because there was a fascinating talk about entropy! I talked to the person who gave it and was able to get a lot of answers to questions I have had for a while about the heat death of the universe. Additionally, I started on an interesting algorithm for calculating cloud cover.


Right now, it’s going rather badly, as I have a bug which isn’t fixed.


It was pretty normal.


I wish I had had more sleep, but it went pretty good once I became more awake. Especially after I learned about the awesome gravitational waves… I love physics!


Not enough sleep again for me -_-. But I did finally get to do problems using a local computer, which is certainly an improvement! Also, I learned more about git which was nice too.


It went great! I finally got enough sleep, and made great progress on the Chapter 4 problems. I made some extra spelling and grammar fixes to too.


It was nice. I have been trying to reverse engineer capstone problem 1 so I can use it in problem 2. Doing this as well as implementing it has been very hard, as the documentation is rather vague. This is a good thing, of course, as I really like confronting hard challenges.


It was pretty productive, though I would have been a lot more productive if I knew the software I needed beforehand and installed it.


It went fairly nicely today,, and I got a few things done


It was pretty good, with loads of progress! Probably the most impressive day so far!

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