DJ Tortoise’s Learning Journal

I am an honor roll student who is eager to learn new things. I am also looking forward to exploring how new technology can help me reach my future goals.

Here I will share my daily experience at SAS with you.


I feel very good about my day at Summer App Space. I feel that i have learned more than i knew the day before and are developing more everyday as a coder. One goal for me for the next day of Summer App Space is to learn more, ask more questions, and get even better at coding.


I felt this day could have gone better, but i kept pushing and tried my best. My goal is to ask more questions and to get more work done.


I liked the presentations this morning in the Hameetman auditorium because they showed me the other perks of being an engineer. My goal is to finish the review capstone.


I felt this day went pretty well because I am starting to learn concepts easier and applying my knowledge. My goal is to finish the notebook problems.


Today i felt was a good day. I understood the concepts of this week easier than the other weeks. One goal for my next day is to keep on track and keep completing my work.


Today i feel like talking to others about python helped my experience. One goal is to be better than i was the day before.


I think reviewing past concepts this week is more efficient instead of starting a new notebook. I can catch up or get more in depth with things i missed. The next day I will continue reviewing and hopefully get better hang of coding.


The presentations this morning were cool especially the first one with the video. One goal is to finish the notebook i didnt already.


Today is the last day before the final project. I feel excited about the next week. one goal is to good work for the project.


I felt good about today and feel like it will keep getting better. One goal for the next day of Summer App Space is to understand the data.


I feel that today was a good day. One goal is to plot some points.


I feel good about my day today overall at Summer App Space. One goal is to start plotting our data.


Today was a good day. One goal for the next day is to finish our presentation.


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