Eponymous Laser’s Learning Journal

I enjoy surfing the web and looking at many different things like games or what people are talking about, the news etc. I will be attending PHS apps academy program next year and I hope to have a career in the computer fields.


Today was a hard day because we started a new chapter. I feel it was really hard doing some of the notebook problems but I managed to complete them. It is always good to have a challenge though. My goal is to be able to do problem 3 on the note book because that is a question my and a lot of other people got stuck on and I would like to find a solution to it.


Today at summer app space we listened to 2 speakers one who was an engineer at snap chat and one who is a theoretical physicist. I learned a lot from them both. My goal is to finish question 6 on the notebook and the capstone problems


My day at summer app space today was hard because the questions I was one were difficult. I got stuck many times and I have not finished them yet because I do not understand them fully. My goal for my next day at Summer App Space is to start the week fresh so that I can get my work done and understand the questions more. I do know that next week will be much harder than this week so I will prepare myself by reading ahead in the textbook.


Today we had to do a of walking around at lunch because we were getting paid. The pay keeper did not give us specific instructions on what we were supposed to do so it was very hard to find out what we were supposed to do in order to get paid. My goal is to finish 3B on the notebook and to move on the other problems in the notebook.


Today I learned a lot from the 2 speakers Athena Ahmadi and Zoe Stephenson. After the speakers we were having terrible wifi connection so another researcher at cal tech gave us a presentation about asteroids. My goal is to catch up on work I could not finish today because of the bad internet connection


Today was good, I learned a lot about how to use classes in python and figured out __init__ method and now I understand how to use classes effectively. My goal is to do good in week 4 so that I can learn everything I need to know about the basics of python.


Today we started a new chapter where we use the BASH console instead of the notebooks to do python 3.5. Things were not that hard and I got a lot done. My goal is to do more questions on the bash console so that I can be closer to finishing the chapter.


Today was good, we listened to 2 of our speakers today: Dr. Litchl and Dr. Ramirez. Dr. Litchl is the founder and CEO at DeltaBrain and he used to work as a lead researcher at Space X he talked about his research at Space X and what DeltaBrain does. Dr. Ramirez is a researcher at NASA, she looks for exo planets and other things in space. My goal is to finish Chapter 4 with the bash console because it seems its not too hard but I feel I can complete it tomorrow.


Today we learned more on the bash console and about quasars and black holes. My next day at summerappspace we will be doing projects so my goal will be understand and learn the project.


Today was good because we learned some things from the projects and met some teachers. My goal is to sharpen the images for my project


I feel my day was good because we got to see each others’ progress over the couple of days we didn’t see each other. My goal is to get a couple of questions on Kaggle done for the project.


Today was good we finished a lot of the presentation which was very productive. My goal is to submit an algorithm into Kaggle so that we can see how the submission progress works.


I feel I finished a lot on the slides and that is was not too hard. My goal is to be ready for presentations and look at the coding quiz.


Today we got almost all the code down. The main problem we had was getting the memory error because we were running too many images at a time. Dr. Moran helped us by running a couple thousand images on her computer so we can get our stuff done. My goal is to make an impression for the judges and the audience during the presentation. I want to impress Dr. Litchl so that I can try to get an internship from him.


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