Students’ Learning Journal

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Students’ Journal is the place where our students reflect on their daily experience at Summer App Space (SAS) program and share it with you. We only use Pseudonym names and share the information, our students and parents approved for publicly publishing. Therefore, you cannot see all the students here. In addition, students had the option to […]

Summer App Space Interview Process

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Recruiting We advertised the opportunity on social media and offered the opportunity to present to any Pasadena area high school (there are 4) in person for up to half a day. Three high schools took us up on the offer, although no principal was actively involved or responsive. We took to cold-emailing computer science or […]

Application Selection

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Grounds for Rejection: students who claim high competency+are late in their school career but don’t do well in programming section (Keyword: clue/C) Did not even manage to interview (Keyword: interview/I) An experienced interviewer vetoed (Keyword: reject/R) Students who aren’t excited about program or about working with instructors. (Keyword: passion/P) students who are very logistically challenged (Keyword: logistic/L) […]

Phone Interview Protocol

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Phone Interview Protocol A few guidelines: Whole interview should take 15-20 minutes (your discretion) Take notes! Try to keep them gender/identity neutral. Notes can be done in side of interview window, above the chat click on the notepad (automatically carried forward) or in separate doc (you’ll get a chance to copy and paste in the […]


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