Teflon Anomaly’s Learning Journal

I want to be an astronomer when I grow up. Once I heard about this program I immediately wanted to do whatever I can to get in. This program sounded like something fun and educational I can do over the summer and it is a wonder opportunity for me.

Here I will share my daily experience at SAS with you


I finished 1-9 of the notebook problems. But number 6 took me nearly an hour. My goal is to finish notebook problems.


I feel super behind and confused about the new notebook problems. i am going to try and get back on track with understanding the basics.


Today I felt a lot better about the notebook problems. I mostly worked on review problems today. My goals for tomorrow are to finish the review notebook problems.


Today I feel like I learned a lot, I got through almost all the review notebook problems so I’m happy about that. My goal for next week is to be finished or close to finishing the sun notebook problems.


My day was ok, I’ slowly but surely getting the new notebook problems down. My goal for next class is to finish my uncompleted notebook, and get more done on the current notebook


Today was alright but I didn’t get much done. I would like to finish notebook 3.


Today was good I finally got to work with bash and git hub but I find it a little confusing. My goal is to get father into chapter 4.


Today was good, I got a general understanding of what out project is and what our outcome should be. My goal for Thursday is to have a clear goal of the outcome I want to see in the project and to get further into working on improving the colors code.


Today was good, I am glad we now know the direction we want to go in with this project and what we want to do for presenting. My goal for tomorrow is to start solving the questions from Kaggle and at least have two handout options for the group to pick from.


Today was long but overall good, we are heading in the right direction to get this project finished. My goal for Monday is to submit something and get a score and by the end of the day to submit something again and beat the previous score.


Today was good I made two submissions. Even though they were example files I still learned how submissions work so that was nice. My goal is to finish presentation slides and hopefully make another submission.


Today was good, I found out that our code worked and went through kaggle and now we are working on changing outputs and getting a better score. My goal for Thursday is to practice presenting, have my slides finished, and to study.


Today was good of all the speakers we had today’s group was my favorite. My goal for tomorrow is to have a great presentation.

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