Fluorescent Warrior’s Learning Journal

I love reading and writing. I also love math and my goal is to one day go to college and I’m working really hard to make that happen. Something about me is that i am very persistent in what i want to achieve and i have very high expectations on myself.

Here I will share my daily experience at SAS with you.


I feel more confident with coding. To increase my confidence with what im learning.


confident finish ReviewCapstone_Chapters1and2


stressed complete more work


confident i want too make sure what i learned will stay with me


I feel more confident in reading code and understanding it. i want to be able to read code and know how to fix it


i feel relieved that i got to understand a considerable amount of stuff on the task at hand. to move on


it was pretty good to continue my work


confident sharpening my skills


I felt very confident today because I finished my code and tested it enough times to make sure it works. My goal is to sharpen my skills before the Python test.


I feel like i know more now. I want to work harder.

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